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Attention Visitors

We have received reports of two possible Fire Ant nests located in section 3 of Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery. For safety reasons, we have roped off the affected areas while we await the identification of the ants by Biosecurity Queensland.

We kindly request all visitors to be cautious when entering the cemetery and to report any suspicious ant activity to our office promptly.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Norwood Park Pty Limited proudly operate five cemeteries in the Ipswich region and specialise in hosting memorial services in our landscaped grounds. The Ipswich Cemeteries team are experienced and are part of Norwood Park Pty Limited, an Australian company with over 40 years experience in the industry and responsible for memorial grounds nationally.

Feel free to contact our team to discuss memorial options or arrange an appointment. Phone (07) 5464 3145, email us here or visit our office at Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery & Crematorium, off the Cunningham Highway.

Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery maintenance update

Ipswich Cemeteries, operators of Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery, are aware of community concerns regarding maintenance at the site. Maintaining our facilities to the highest possible standard is always a priority, as we understand the significance of this site to the community and in particular those who visit to pay respects to loved ones.

The soils at Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery react to moisture very easily, creating perfect conditions during our region’s wet summers for fast-growing weeds and grass as well as sinking of graves. Each downpour adds to residual moisture in the ground, further compounding the maintenance challenge. The ground moisture has gradually increased over the last two seasons.

We are also currently experiencing a higher than usual number of requests for internment. We are taking action to restore the site to our community’s expectations by:

 Increasing staffing levels to focus on maintenance, including engaging contractors to support
existing staff.
 A greater focus on trimming the roses in the gardens with an additional staff member to
attend to.
 Daily whipper snipping is continuing.
 Daily work on leveling graves with topsoil.
 Addressing a weed outbreak throughout the site with spraying.

We thank the community for its patience while we work to address these important matters.


(07) 5464 3145


Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery & Crematorium
12 Anderson Day Drive Willowbank QLD 4306


(07) 5467 3406

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